Wild, Scenic and Beyond!  2018 River Management Symposium

October 22-25, 2018
Vancouver, WA

Wild, Scenic and Beyond!  provides a unique opportunity to find training and professional networking topics experiences specific to river management, science, planning and collaborating.  This year, program themes honor the 50th Anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and reflect river values that are the goals of protection, regardless of designation or managing entity.

Program Presentation PowerPoint Archive:

A Cultural Exchange of River & Protected Area Management - Sarah Lange.pdf

Advancing Excellence in the Stewardship of the Stewardship of the National WSR System - Cathi Bailey, Monica Zimmerman.pdf

Adventure Scientists

Aint Nothin Complacent About Our Scenic Rivers - Jane Polansky

Art Of Instream Flow Protection - Roy Smith, Jennifer Back, Thomas Bickauskas, David Schade

Chinas River Chiefs and Other Protected River Systems in the World - Li Peng

Community Safety Network - Outfitted Employee Harassment

Comprehensive River Management Plans - Development, Updating, and Implementation

Core Competencies for River Management Professionals - LuVerne Grussing

Creating an Inclusive River Program and Workplace - Lenore Perconti

Dealing with Ageing Dams and Reservoirs - Henry Hansen, Emily Forzono, Alisha Grams, Lindsay, Ohlman, Christine Ruskamp, Mark Pegg, Kevin Pope

Deep Enough, Wide Enough - What Makes a River Legally Navigable - Bo Shelby

Designation of Scenic as Conservation - Lynn Crump

FERC Hydropower Projects on Wild and Scenic Rivers

From Footprints on the James to the River of No Return - Karl Schmidt, Daniell Carr, James Vonesh

Going to College on the River - Karl Schmidt, Daniel Carr

Good, Bad and Unusual - What Makes Boating Access Work, or not - Bo Shelby, Dan Shebly and Doug Whittaker

Interagency Eligible and Suitable Rivers Database

International Things at the Leopold Institute - Connected to China - Alan Watson

Introduction to Wild and Scenic Rivers

Managing Lower Deschutes Wild and Scenic River

Natural and Scenic River Protection in Western China - Yuxia Zhou

Oregon State Scenic Waterways vs. Wild and Scenic Rivers - Erik Fernandez

Overcoming Barriers Working with Partners to Meet Varying Objectives - Andrea Ania, Kristen Thrall

Overview of RMS River Training Center

Programmatic Approach to Eligibility Studies - Kate Krebs

Riparian Restoration - Balancing Ecological Habitat and Recreation Habitat - Dan Shelby, Bo Shelby, Doug Whittaker

River Management Symposium 2018 - Lisa Ronald

River Research Across Time - Alan Watson, Chris Armatas

Stories About the WSR Act and Looking Toward the Future - Scott Bosse, Ed Krumpe, Colter Pence, Tom O'Keefe

The Costs and Benefits of Post-Channelization Re-Meandering Rivers - Something For Nothing - Mimi Wagner

The Many Shapes and Forms of Sexual Harassment in the River Industry - Bridget Crocker

The Rivers Studies and Leadership Certificate Program - Overcoming Obstacles and Building Bridges

Transportation_Bauman_Brian_John Day Bridge Replacement_RMS_2018

Transportation_Cernicek_Dave_Emergency Highway Landslide_RMS_2018

Transportation_Christensen_Sara_ORDEQ_Water Quality Permits_RMS_2018


Transportation_Duncan_Jeff_Wekiva River Crossing_RMS_2018

Transportation_Embertson_Leif_Sauk River Stabilization_RMS_2018

Transportation_Lord_Emma_WSR Transportation Resources_RMS_2018





Transportation_TraiAyers_Rob_FHWA_Effects Analysis_RMS_2018

Understanding Unlawful Harassment - Dennis Westlind

Updating A Plan For The Wild And Scenic Rivers Act At Its 50th Anniversary - LuVerne Grussing, Brenna McGown, Travis Paveglio, Monica Zimmerman

Upper Colorado River Research Program - Sarah Hutson

Why I Do This - Dakota Goodman

Why I Do This - Joe Whitworth

Why We Should Value Urban Whitewater Parks - Karl Schmidt

Wild and Scenic Rivers Act Quiz

Wild and Scenic River Lessons for Applications Abroad - Denielle Perry

Wild Spotter:Citizen Scientists Reporting Invasives to Aid Forest Service Restoration Programs

Worldwide Progress in the Conservation and Management of the Wild and Scenic Rivers and the introduction of Nujiang Case of China - Liu Hailon, Wu Shuyue