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These job opportunities are shared by our members and partners directly with RMS. Want to receive this in your inbox every other week? You can! As a member of RMS, you receive the biweekly RMS News Digest email, which includes these jobs in addition to grant opportunities, national news, and RMS news. To share an opening with your organization, email it to [email protected]. We also encourage you to post it directly to the RMS Job Board, which is open to the public and allows job seekers to set up job alerts so you can easily reach qualified candidates.

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The Post-Interview Thank-You Note. There essentially are three parts to the interview process. The initial work in getting the interview, the interview itself, and the post-interview process. I know very few career coaches who would say that post-interview follow-up isn’t necessary. But, the form such follow-up should take isn’t as universally agreed upon. Some believe it’s a final chance to make your case. While that’s true in the broadest sense, it’s also a final chance to really blow it. Read on to learn how to make the post-interview process work for you!

Early Career Resources

We may not know you to see that you are an individual who finds passion in rivers and are considering rivers as the framework for  your life's work. RMS is going to try to provide avenues for you to learn, get to know, and grow with one of hundreds of positions that support river health, protection and management. When you choose a role that resonates, you'll enjoy responsibilities that are challenging, exciting, and gratifying. Here are a few organizations that can connect you with river jobs and offer invaluable training and mentoring opportunities, as well.

  • Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education represents a collection of all environmental education providers and supporters in the state of Colorado. Learn about them further at the CAEE website.  Here's a recent annual report.
  • The Environmental Stewards (ES) Program, a program of Conservation Legacy (previously Southwest Conservation Corps) offers land and water management agencies and non-profit organizations opportunities to accomplish specific projects and provides individual placements for young people “Stewards” interested in gaining experience in natural and cultural resource management. With support from ES Program staff, Stewards are placed with state and federal programs and non-profits (host sites) in 10-week to year-long positions through-out the United States. Visit the ES website.
  • Transforming Youth Outdoors (TYO) is the first resource-based community for people committed to transforming youth outdoors. If you are interested in joining the community, check it out.