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Ruby and Horsethief Restoration Clinic 2012

The River Management Society is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. We rely on volunteers and revenue from memberships, gifts, partnerships, sponsorships and events to support our work. Financial gifts keeps us going, and it's easy to support RMS with a donation. Each gift is important and appreciated for enabling us to pursue our mission.  

Your financial support allows us to grow the National Rivers Project, expand the River Training Center, support the River Studies and Leadership Certificate, evaluate and grow our resource of hydropower license and settlement summaries and fuel our Early Careers program while we continue our biennial symposia, periodic workshops and river trips, popular RMS ListservNews Digest and quarterly RMS Journal



Why give to RMS?

RMS is here for you and your river. Now we are asking you, if you are able, to support RMS.

In a year filled with uncertainty, the River Management Society was your rock! When the COVID-19 pandemic closed rivers and put outfitters' businesses at risk, RMS was the only organization providing a nationwide conversation about how to manage safely through the closures, then safely reopen river accesses and facilities safely.

When the numbers of recreational river users surged from late spring to early fall, RMS hosted virtual conversations across state borders in which river managers shared how they were meeting these needs and funding new facilities’ demands.

In the 2019-2020 school year, when many colleges went virtual and job opportunities became scarce, 17 students graduated from the RMS River Studies and Leadership Certificate program and landed jobs in hydrology, geographic information systems (GIS) and outdoor recreation for public agencies, private industry and non-profit organizations.

All gifts are welcome! $10, $15 or $20 is appreciated! Individuals who donate $100+ are eligible to  receive an RMS carabiner or face mask: if you are able to donate at that or higher level, please  email [email protected] with your gift preference (and mailing address if you are not a current member).

Rivers are our life's work! Through outreach, training and resources, we support the individuals who study, protect and manage North America's rivers. As educators, scientists, watershed leaders and students, we support public access to our rivers as resources for all citizens and visitors. Gifts to RMS support wise stewardship and management of rivers for generations to come.


How to donate to RMS:

One-time Donation

Whether you have $5, $25, or $2,500 to give, it makes a huge difference. Your financial support directly benefits river managers, researchers and future river managers across the country through training, networking, communication and resources provided by RMS. 


Monthly Donation

The RMS Monthly Donor Program is truly painless and really makes a difference.  Monthly gifts representing the cost of a few cups of decent coffee per month from 50% of our members would enable one of our part-time staff to work on a full time basis. Transactions occur via our secure credit card system. At the end of the calendar year you will receive a summary of your donated total for the year. Contact RMS today to become a monthly donor!

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It's really easy (and doesn't cost you a penny!) to support RMS while you shop online! Select RMS as your favorite charitable organization on Amazon Smile, and then Amazon will donate to RMS each time you make a purchase on Amazon Smile. It's just like shopping on Amazon, but better. Learn how here!


Easily make a secure contribution via GoFundMe!

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In-kind Donation

We are fueled largely by the energy and expertise of our volunteer members and leaders.  Contact a member, Chapter or Board Officer or RMS Executive Director to learn how to get involved in chapter activities and other ongoing projects. If you have donated goods or services to RMS this year, please fill out the In-Kind Donation Form to help our record of your much-appreciated generosity. (You can do so as many times as you'd like, and RMS will be happy to provide a roll-up of your submissions for a calendar year.)

Planned Giving

If you have named or are thinking of naming RMS as a beneficiary in your will, or are interested in the other gifts described on this page, let us hear from you!  See more planned giving information below, or contact Executive Director Risa Shimoda at P.O. Box 5750, Takoma Park, MD  20913-5750, 301-585-4677, for more information.

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Planned Giving

“Choice, one of our greatest freedoms, and time, the keeper of our decisions: our lives are a reflection of both.”  - Gary G. Marsh

If you have named or are thinking of naming RMS as a beneficiary in your will, or are interested in the other gifts described on this page, let us hear from you!  See more planned giving information below, or contact Executive Director Risa Shimoda at P.O. Box 5750, Takoma Park, MD  20913-5750, 301-585-4677, for more information.

Wills:  The next time you update you will, consider naming the River Management Society as a beneficiary.  It’s easy to do, and you can name RMS as either a direct beneficiary or as a contingent beneficiary to take in case your other beneficiaries are already deceased.  As with the other planned gifts on this page, RMS recommends you contact an attorney to help draft the language.

Stock:  Gifts of stock that have appreciated in value are excellent gifts since you don’t pay income tax on the gain, and you qualify for a current income tax deduction for the entire value of the stock including the appreciation.  Together, the tax benefits alone can equal half or more of the value of the gift.

Other Appreciated Property:  Other appreciated property such as real estate qualifies for the same tax benefits of appreciated stock – no tax is due on the gain, and you get a deduction for the full value of the gift.

Retirement plans:  By naming RMS as the primary or contingent beneficiary of your IRA or retirement plan, you’ll avoid income tax on the balance in the retirement plan since RMS receives it tax-free.  To do this, obtain a beneficiary change form from the IRA custodian or retirement plan administrator.  The rules for this are tricky, so RMS recommends you contact the plan administrator or an estate planner for help.

Insurance:  You can name RMS as the primary or contingent beneficiary of your life insurance policy to receive the insurance proceeds at your death, or you can give RMS a life insurance policy with cash surrender value that RMS can cash in currently.  Contact your insurance company in order to change the beneficiary designation in order to do this.

Gift Annuity:  You can contribute cash or stocks in return for an annuity ─ a stream of fixed payments for life.  RMS receives whatever remains of the initial gift at your death.

A Charitable Remainder Trust effectively combines a gift of appreciated property with a gift annuity – you contribute appreciated property to the trust, the trust sells it tax free and replaces it with stocks or bonds, and you receive an annual payment for life based on the value of the trust.  RMS receives whatever remains in the trust at your death, hence the name charitable remainder trust.  These trusts are a great way to sell stocks, real estate, or other appreciated property without paying current income tax.  This is similar to naming RMS in your will, since RMS receives property in the trust at your death, but you qualify for lifetime benefits as well.

A Charitable Lead Trust: This is the flip side of a charitable remainder trust – RMS receives income every year for a period of years (the income or lead interest), and after that time you or another person you designate receives whatever remains in the trust.

Each of the gifts on this page can make a big difference in the world of river management.  If you make a planned gift, be sure to note any restrictions on how you would like the gift to be used; otherwise RMS will treat the gift as unrestricted and use it as it sees fit. 

Thank you for thinking of RMS!

“A Planned Giving Program for Friends of the River Management Society”

[Adopted 2/11/03; Posted 3/24/03; Updated and Approved on March 13, 2006; Updated and Approved March 7, 2007]

The River Management Society (RMS) encourages you to consider including our organization in your planned giving. Congress has structured our nation’s tax laws to promote gift giving to tax-exempt charitable organizations like the RMS and, if properly structured, can reduce both your income tax and taxes on your estate. Congress has authorized the use of various trusts which qualify for both deductions to income and estate taxes while providing an income stream to donors, and ultimately, a gift to the RMS. These trusts can also work in reverse to provide income to the RMS with a transfer to your children or other beneficiaries upon your death. Trusts can provide you with immediate income tax relief and substantially reduce the tax on your estate. These tax breaks can reduce out-of-pocket costs of gifts to the RMS. If you are interested in avoiding taxes and supporting the RMS, you should examine the comprehensive discussion which follows this summary. Remember to always discuss your plans with a qualified financial, legal, and tax advisor before you commit to any planned giving program.

"To give away money is an easy matter and in any man's power. But to decide to whom to give it, and how large, and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every man's power nor an easy matter." - Aristotle

"Estate planning - once reserved for the wealthy or elderly - is now a good idea for everyone."

“Choice, one of our greatest freedoms, and time, the keeper of our decisions: our lives are a reflection of both.”  - Gary G. Marsh

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This Planned Giving Program and website is courtesy of the River Management Society (hereafter referred to as RMS) Fundraising Committee.


Ten Charitable Resolutions For the Philanthropically Inclined: Keep these handy, a great set of reminders!

This Planned Giving Program is posted courtesy of the River Management Society Fundraising Committee (2007).

ALWAYS SEEK COUNSEL. Regardless of how worthy your intentions are, it is always wise to discuss your charitable gift plans with financial, legal, tax, and charitable organization advisors, especially the more complex transactions concerning tangible personal property, remainder interest in residences/farms, gift by estate distribution, or bargain sale options. There is no better way to ensure your wishes are both realistic and prudent. Be prepared to confidentially address financial and personal goals with regard to your charitable giving interests, what you want to give, the timing of your gift and how a gift is to be made. By asking many questions, you can better determine what suits your needs while benefiting the RMS. Since this program and its associated guidelines is new to the RMS, it will take time to mature in terms of sophistication and expertise. Each donation and donor will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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