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Sign up for the River Management Job Posting service! This will allow your position to be distributed to thousands of schools, recruiters, and job matching services beyond the scope of our membership. The service will broaden your reach when seeking interns or specialists, and perhaps through new professional circles (e.g., law, civil engineering, recreational therapy, etc.)

RMS Job Board

"Workplace Culture" River Management Roundtables

On the fourth Tuesday of each month, RMS hosts River Management Roundtables, which include presentations and discussions on topics to support you as you navigate the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion in your river workplace. You can find information about upcoming RMRs on the River Management Roundtable webpage or in our events calendar, and you can access past recordings in our River Training Channel.

  • Fostering Respect for Indigenous Cultural River Uses - Acknowledgement & Reciprocity in Action (Recording)
  • Land Acknowledgements - Purpose, Practices & Perspectives (Recording)
  • Building Teams with New Awareness (Recording)
  • Understanding Perspectives - Empowering River Managers (Recording)

RMS Resume Bank

Our redesigned candidate search functionality provides a robust, intuitive and easy way to find relevant candidates available for hire. The new streamlined candidate search experience allows you to target specific types of candidates. 

Browse the resumes for free. Contact the candidates for free. Pay ONLY when the candidate is interested in your position!

Features include:

  • Redesigned user interface with combined search and results page.
  • Refined results based on filter preferences
  • Bookmark and save commonly used searches
  • Download resumes as PDF
  • Single-page view of current and past experiences
  • Preview certification badges on candidate profile
RMS Resume Bank

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