RMS Membership

The River Management Society has a membership level for everyone interested in rivers -- from the professional to the interested citizen, from the career manager to the student just learning about rivers. We invite you to join today.


If you happen to be a federal employee, the following information is good information about Federal Employees' Service on Non-Profit Boards:

Final Rule - March 6, 2013
Letter to Office of Personnel Management
Letter to Office of Government Ethics 




$50/Year (or save $50 by renewing for $200/5 years!)
For individuals presently or previously dedicated to the study, protection or management of rivers.


For nonprofit organizations: up to two people working at the same address can receive member benefits

ORGANIZATIONAL - Government / Corporate

For agencies (local, state, federal), businesses or other for profit organizations: up to four people working at the same address can receive member benefits


For individuals interested in rivers.


Enrolled students only.


For dedicated river people (individuals only).


All members of the River Management Society will receive the following benefits:

  1. Quarterly RMS Journal (print and online)
  2. Membership directory (PDF and online)
  3. Listserve Privileges
  4. Symposium discounts (2 people per each organizational membership)
  5. Workshops and river field trips
  6. Access to the 'Members-only' website

Organizational Members

Organizational members can add colleagues who work at the same address as Organizational Staff members. They will receive journals, electronic news and announcements, the option of signing up for the listserve and access to the members' side of the RMS website.  Corporate/governmental Organizational members can add up to three Organization staff members, and Non-profit Organizational members can add one Organizational Staff member to their membership. 

Once you join RMS as an Organizational Member, you can add the additional Organizational Staff member(s).  

If you are already an Organization and its primary contact, add colleagues to your membership with the Organization Staff Update Form and you will receive an email message indicating they are approved as Organizational Staff members. An Organizational Member's Primary Contact can change Organizational Staff members or their profile information at any time.  Organizational Staff members can edit only their own member profile.

Professional and Lifetime members will receive:

  • River Equipment Discounts (Pro Deal)
  • Scholarship Program
  • Voting privileges and the right to hold office

Lifetime members also receive a Lifetime Member Certificate and a letter from our president, with enthusiastic appreciation!