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The River Management Society is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. We rely on volunteers and revenue from memberships, gifts, partnerships, sponsorships and events to support programs and one part-time staff. 

RMS serves members daily, weekly and monthly through its website, listserve, workshops, symposia and chapter trips.  In 2012 we will initiate a mentoring program, take first steps toward developing river-management certification curricula; and develop as a connector for geographically-based organizations and agencies focused on riparian restoration and aquatic invasive species management.  We ask for your financial support beyond the portion of your annual dues to support the website to help us grow in these and other program areas, and continue our popular listserve, and quarterly RMS Journal.  Here's how you can help RMS look toward its future with confidence:

Monthly Donations....Painless! 

The RMS Monthly Donor Program offers an alternative for giving to RMS that truly is painless and really makes a difference! If one half of RMS members donated the cost of a few of cups of decent coffee per month we could hire a part-time program person, or enable our one current part time staffer to become a full time employee.

The RMS Monthly Donor Program allows you to donate an amount of your choice to RMS monthly by approving a 'monthly' transaction until you decide to discontinue your participation (just call or email RMS to make this change). At the end of the calendar year you will receive a summary of your donated total for the year. Transactions occur via our secure credit card system. Click Donate to RMS.

2014 Canyon Coolers Program

All monthly donors who sign up by the time of Managing Rivers in Changing Climes: Training Tomorrow's River Professionals in Denver April 15-17, 2014 can receive a 20% off discount on a purchase of a Canyon Cooler. Orders will be coordinated through RMS Professional Purchase Coordinator Scott Springer at the end of April. Sign up and you'll soon keep your cool goods cooler ....and accept big thanks from RMS!  This is a pilot, and if a good number of RMS members participate, Canyon Coolers will offer this again in future years.

Donate to RMS any time online:  Online Donation Form