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PWSR Toolkit Designate Page

This is a working draft. The PWSR Toolkit a dynamic Toolkit - our goal is to update, evolve and improve over time. Please provide us with your feedback on the Toolkit. Send us your ideas, success stories, examples, photos, events and more!


Introduction to the Designate Page of the PWSR Toolkit

Welcome to the designation implementation section of the Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers Toolkit. If you're here, you likely already know why we love Wild and Scenic Rivers. You may also know about the successful implementation of designation, using the partnership model, for more than 20 yearsIn this section of the Toolkit you will find information about the implementation of designation of a Partnership Wild and Scenic River. This includes help with forming a post-designation management council and their work plans, funding a PWSR, innovative approaches to management, water quality success stories, monitoring initiatives, and more. This is the management page for those rivers that have been designated as Wild and Scenic Rivers.

If you'd like to learn more about Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers and how to get WSR study legislation passed, check out our Explore page. If you'd like to learn more about Partnership Wild and Scenic River Studies, how to get WSR designation legislation passed, and how to write a management plan check out our Study page. If you'd like information on this PWSR Toolkit go to the PWSR Toolkit Home page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Designation

Share PWSR Success Stories!

Stay tuned for more success stories and best management practices of Partnership Wild and Scenic River designation. Do you have a success story to share in the PWSR Toolkit? Let us know - email shana.stewart[at]vtwsr[dot]org!