River Training Center

The River Management Society’s River Training Center (RTC), established in 2018, supports the effective management and stewardship of North American rivers by providing training for professionals and volunteers who study, protect, and manage them.

Online and in-person training workshops on various river-related topics are targeted towards river managers, river advocates and businesses who conduct work projects in or around rivers.

The RTC also has a special emphasis on Wild and Scenic River (WSR) management for both agency and public audiences. 

Courses are scheduled by contract on an ongoing basis. Open enrollment training opportunities and other training related information can be found on the RMS calendar or at the RMS River Training Center Facebook page. 

To schedule a course for your agency unit or organization please contact:

Angie Fuhrmann
RMS River Training Center Coordinator
[email protected]


Upcoming Training Opportunities

Contact Angie Fuhrmann, RTC Coordinator, at [email protected] for more information!

July 13, 2021: River Management Roundtable - User Capacity – Practices, Regulation, Tradeoffs
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm EST

What does user capacity mean for your river? What and who determine ‘enough,’ ‘too many’ or ‘too busy’ relative to river activity? If you are interested in this topic, you know how complex it is and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Join us to compare notes and learn from others whose experiences might help both your long term planning and short term tactics. No cost to attend, but registration is required.

Learn more Register here

July 27, 2021: River Management Roundtable - Understanding Difference - Developing an awareness of how cultural differences influence us
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm EST

No cost to attend, but registration is required.

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October 20-22, 2021: Beyond Natural Channel Design 

More information will be coming soon!

November 16-17, 2021 Interagency 2(a)(ii) Wild and Scenic Rivers Workshop: Evaluating Water Resources Projects

More information will be coming soon!

TBD Fall 2021: CRMP Workshop for Northwest Oregon BLM

More information will be coming soon!

TBD Winter 2021: Assessing and Managing Water Resources Projects for USFS Region 8

More information will be coming soon!

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Mission & Goals


To provide timely and effective training materials, programs and opportunities that improve the quality, consistency and capacity of river management.

  1. To be a valued contributor to advancing the River Management Society mission.
  2. To ensure river management professionals, their organizations and partners have the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage river resources.
  3. To ensure a diverse pool of students and transitional professionals are aware of and well prepared for success in careers that support and advance river management.
  4. To ensure the River Training Center brand is recognized and trusted by river managers, administrators and partners for its value in advancing professional river management practice and effectiveness.

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Even More Upcoming Workshops and Discussions!