It's time to apply for river permits. Get the current info here! 

If you are planning a trip, this is web page provides one-page references that are easy-to-download and print and are updated annually. For river managers and planners, the links provide an opportunity to conduct a quick comparison of the various permits in use by various agencies, in various regions.

To provide a quality experience and to protect fragile river resources, managers have designed and implemented permit systems on several of our more popular rivers. While this means that you may not get on your favorite river as often, when you do, it will be an experience to remember for a lifetime.  The rivers listed below are those that have limited permits available. As always, you should contact the managing agency to confirm that permit information posted here is up-to-date.

Some rivers have human waste pack-out requirements. Click here for a list of North American rivers with this requirement, and see Better Boater Bathrooms for details for specific rivers, and a list of human waste pack out systems and products.

There are many other rivers that require a permit and are not listed here:  they either do not have user limits at this time, or the permits are easy to obtain by visiting the river management office during business hours.

Information is current as of December 15, 2018

River Management Society thanks Lisa Byers for volunteering her time to update/assemble this information!