2016Pacific Chapter

California, Nevada, Hawaii

We are river professionals and students from California, Nevada and Hawaii. Our goal is to further the RMS mission by providing a forum for members in the Pacific Region to discuss river management and professional development issues in chapter workshops and other events that are informative and fun. The most recent RMS Journal with a Pacific Chapter focus is the Fall 2020 issue.


Pacific Chapter Bylaws



 Chapter Officers

President: Vacant

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Chapter Events

Thanks to all who joined us April 19-21, 2019 for Issues for Rivers of the Pacific Slope! 

Final Program

Here are a few messages we've received from participants:

"I wanted to reach out to say thank you for organizing the RMS Pacific Chapter Tuolumne River conference this past weekend.  I sincerely appreciate the invitation to come share the research that the USGS has been involved with on the recent landslides in the Tuolumne Canyon.  I also appreciate the opportunity that the meeting provided to learn about a whole suite of river-related issues, as well as in making new connections with others working in this region."
Brian D. Collins, Ph.D., P.E.Research Civil Engineer, U.S. Geological Survey
"The Tuolumne River event over the weekend was absolutely fantastic! Bob did an incredible job, and Christina was outstanding ... It was great getting to catch up with Jim Eicher. He and I picked up like no time had passed, which is what is so great about RMS friendships. We had some good discussions about how we might want to continue seeing these kinds of events in the Pacific chapter. So much great collaboration AND it was a way to reach folks who wouldn't otherwise be able to get to a symposium."
Kristina Rylands, Yosemite Regional Director, NatureBridge