Welcome to the Pacific Chapter of the River Management Society!

We are river professionals and students from California, Nevada and Hawaii. Our goal is to further the RMS mission by providing a forum for members in the Pacific Region to discuss river management and professional development issues in chapter workshops and other events that are informative and fun. The most recent RMS Journal with a Pacific Chapter focus is the  Winter 2018 issue.

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Join us on the Wild and Scenic Tuolumne River 

Issues for Rivers of the Pacific Slope      April 19-21, 2019

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Learn from your colleagues and peers who work on Pacific Slope rivers!

Jason Kuiken or Jim Junette — Welcome 
Josh Viers (Keynote) — Status of California Rivers in an Uncertain Future

Speakers include:
Risa Shimoda
— Redefining River Professions in the Pacific and Beyond
Christina Wilkinson — Natural History Tuolumne River Canyon
Jim Eicher — What  FERC Hydro Relicensing Means for the Tuolumne
Kristina Rylands — Yosemite Wild Rivers
Adam Mazurkiewicz — Forecasting River Runoff in the Sierra Nevada
Chris Graham — Impacts of March 2018 Micro-burst on Hetch Hetchy System and Associated River Developments.
David Jigour — Wards Ferry Recreation Site; Past and Current Situation
Ty Childress — History of the Tuolumne becoming a Wild and Scenic River
Katherine Evatt — Mokelumne River, Successes and Challenges
Stephanie Tidwell — Eel River Dam Removal, Prospects for Anadromous Fisheries
David Payne — Klamath River, Perspective of a Ranger Ranger
Scott Schoettgen — Whitewater Recreation in River Conservation
Bob Stanley — River Access: Working from the Bottom Up
Glen White — Geology of the Tuolumne River
Lisa Murphy  — Live Monitoring of Bat Populations on the Tuolumne River
Sammy Gensaw  — Yurok and the Renaissance of the Klamath River
Curtis Kvamme  — Evolution and Erosion of Tuolumne Canyon Savannah Soils
Steven Holdeman  — Aquatic Biology of the Tuolumne River.
Brian Collins --- March 2018 Micro-burst Over Tuolumne River Canyon; Impacts and Implications.
Larry Freilich ---Owens River; Issues and Solutions

We look forward to seeing you in Groveland, California in April!   

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