Registration open for Hydropower Insights: Exploring Projects, Energy Markets, and Licensing Trends

March - April 2024 webinar series

Building on the foundation laid by the Hydropower Licensing 101 Toolkit (published in 2023 by the River Management Society, National Park Service and Hydropower Reform Coalition), this four-part series is designed to address the gaps in available resources for hydropower practitioners seeking an understanding of various aspects of hydropower projects and the licensing process.

The series will dive into the basics of hydropower projects, hydropower’s role in the energy market, its role in providing ancillary services to the grid, and trends and changes in the licensing process over the last 30 years. By the end of this series, new and experienced practitioners alike will have acquired essential knowledge and practical insights, leaving participants poised to navigate the complexities of hydropower projects and the licensing process with confidence and expertise.


Register for the whole series or just a few sessions at the link below. This series is free and open to all. Learn more about each session below.


Hydropower Insights Webinar Series

1. Hydropower Projects 101

March 13 @ 9 - 10:30 PST / noon - 1:30 EST
Gain a fundamental understanding of hydropower projects, covering types, components, generation, distribution, and more. Presenters are Kevin Lewis (National Park Service) and Dave Steindorf (American Whitewater). Learn more.

2. Hydropower's Role in the Energy Market

March 20 @ 9 - 10:30 PST / noon - 1:30 EST
Explore hydropower's place in the dynamic energy market, focusing on marketing strategies, economic viability, and future profitability. Presenters are Kevin Lewis (National Park Service) and Dave Steindorf (American Whitewater). Learn more.

3. Trends in Relicensing: Evolution, Challenges, and Lessons Learned

April 3 @ 9 - 10:30 PST / noon - 1:30 EST
Explore the history and trajectory of hydropower relicensing covering early milestones, current trends, and insights for today’s practitioners. Presenters are Mark Zakutansky (Appalachian Mountain Club), Peter Skinner, Alex Barham, Tom Christopher (Christopher Environmental Associates), Theresa Lorejo-Simsiman (American Whitewater), Kevin Mendik (National Park Service), Bob Nasdor (American Whitewater) and Pope Barrow (House of Reps. Office of Legislative Council). Learn more.

4. Hydropower’s Role in the Energy Grid

April 24 @ 9 - 10:30 PST / noon - 1:30 EST
Understand hydropower's ability to provide ancillary services benefiting the energy market and grid, including project characteristics associated with different types of grid services and a fleet-wide view of how much hydro contributes in different areas. Presenters are Hill Balliet (Idaho National Laboratory) and Abhishek Somani (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory). Learn more.  

Published Feb. 9, 2024

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