Examples of Durable Freshwater Protection Capacity-Building Efforts Catalogued in New Global Database

The River Management Society (RMS) is proud to share its recently completed landscape analysis cataloguing freshwater protection capacity-building resources for river and watershed managers and advocates around the world. This first-of-its kind database was prepared with tremendous support and input from members of the Durable Rivers Protection Coalition (DRPC) and was prepared with direction from The Nature Conservancy (TNC) on behalf of the DRPC.

“This resource is a terrific ‘first stop’ for an organization seeking to protect environmental or social values on their river, wetland, lake, or other freshwater source,” said RMS Executive Director Risa Shimoda. “The capacity-building efforts catalogued in this new database can grow to support the network of durable rivers protection guides, workshops, and trainings around the world.”

Mark Schneider, Gayini land manager, Standing in the wetlands at Gayini during sunset. Photo by Annette Ruzicka, The Nature Conservancy.

DRPC Co-Lead Dr. Denielle Perry shared, “We are excited to have inaugurated this resource! It will support partners who can learn about the successes of others more easily, and it offers inspiration to them as leaders of their own efforts as rivers and freshwater become ever more important to us all.”

As part of this project, RMS and the World Wildlife Fund produced six case studies which highlight stories of successful freshwater protection initiatives that may serve as guides in long-term strategic planning efforts for similar efforts.

DRPC members and partners submitted 137 examples of freshwater protection resources and programs in 41 countries and regions. These include publications, databases, and asynchronous and in-person learning opportunities. Examples of protection mechanisms include approaches for environmental flows, aquatic connectivity, biodiversity, policy and administrative decisions, and a return of the management and ownership of rivers to Indigenous peoples and local communities.

Request a copy of the full report, case studies and database on the RMS website at https://www.river-management.org/durable-freshwater-protections.

Published Oct. 25, 2022

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