Join the RMS Awards Committee

Would you like to support RMS doing perhaps the most fun volunteer work we have? Please consider joining the Awards Committee. Each year we recognize some of our amazing colleagues with 4 awards (River Manager of the Year, Outstanding Contribution to River Management, Outstanding Contribution to the River Management Society Award, and Frank Church Wild and Scenic Rivers awards).

 Selecting who receives these awards is the task of the committee. Nominations are due March 30 so some time in April, committee members will receive a packet of nominations, review each against the criteria for the awards and make initial individual recommendations for each award. Then the committee will have a video/conference call to discuss their recommendations and make the final selections. 

Total time involved is probably about 5 hours – it really depends on how many nominations are received. 

Standing members include the secretary (committee chair), executive director and a representative from the Interagency Wild and Scenic River Coordinating Council. An additional 3 to 4 people ideally representing different chapters and not all from one sector of the river management world comprise the rest of the committee.

If you are interested, please contact Helen Clough, RMS Secretary at hcloughak(at)gmail.com for more information. 

Published Jan. 10, 2022

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