RSLC Students: Register for mock interviews by Feb. 15

Mock interviews with River Professionals

The RMS River Training Center has coordinated a mock interview opportunity for River Studies and Leadership Certificate students to build interviewing skills and confidence as they prepare to enter the workforce and (hopefully!) land their dream jobs! To participate, students should request the online application form from their advisors and submit the form by January 15. 

Participants will be matched with an interviewer based on their ideal river profession. Interviews will be live, one-on-one video sessions. Students will receive immediate feedback and tips for improving interview skills and building instant rapport with the interviewer. Questions are welcome and encouraged! After the interview, students will receive written feedback, or they may opt for an interview without feedback if they prefer self-assessment.

This is an opportunity to build interview skills, but it also pairs students with expert river professionals from a variety of fields and agencies. So if students have a question about the application process or work environment at a specific agency, this is a great time to ask!

Once students complete the application form, they will receive an email with the name and contact information of their interviewer. The interviewer will follow-up to schedule the mock interview, much like scheduling a real interview.

With any questions, please contact RTC Coordinator Angie Fuhrmann at [email protected].