2021 RMS awards nominations due Jan. 30

James Vonesh receives Outstanding Contribution to RMS Award in 2020.

The COVID Pandemic has presented new challenges for river managers, and you have risen to the challenge. Please recognize those who have made significant contributions to the art and science of river management and those who best exemplify the spirit and purpose of the organization. Since 1998 we have given annual RMS awards to deserving individuals. In 2000 the Frank Church Wild and Scenic Rivers Award was added by RMS' Interagency Wild and Scenic Rivers Coordinating Council partners.


The RMS Board of Directors and Awards Committee recognize outstanding individuals and achievements in four categories:

  • River Manager of the Year (RMS Members only)
  • Outstanding Contribution to River Management (Open to all)
  • Outstanding Contribution to the River Management Society Award (RMS Members only)
  • Frank Church Wild and Scenic Rivers Award (Open to all)

Please review the Award Nomination Information and submit your nomination on our Awards web page. Look over the information requested by the Awards Committee before submitting your nomination. You may also email a nomination to RMS Secretary Helen Clough at [email protected].

Jackie Diedrich Excellence in Leadership Award

The Interagency Wild and Scenic Rivers Coordinating Council is also accepting nominations for the Jackie Diedrich Excellence in Leadership Award (open to Federal employees in the 4 river-managing agencies). Follow this link to submit nominations.

These awards will be presented during Mountain Creeks to Metro Canals, the River Management Training Symposium during the week of April 12, 2021.