River Ranger Rendezvous

River Ranger Rendezvous

The River Ranger Rendezvous, hosted by River Management Society, is a workshop geared toward river rangers responsible for the day-to-day management of our nation’s rivers. The workshop is an opportunity for participants to share leadership and management ideas, build skills related to their everyday job duties, and connect with other river rangers.

Feedback from 2021 Attendees:

"The attendees are river professionals who will collectively patrol, protect and introduce the public to thousands of river miles this year. They are the eyes, ears, heart and soul of river management in the United States today and represent the leaders who will shape policy and practice for the next generation. They are our future and if we can make it possible for them to know and feel the community they constitute, we should be proud!"
"My people got to participate which they haven’t been able to in many years due to timing and budget. We would have never been with these other groups had it not been virtual. It didn’t play to the river manager like many other products do. It truly was the only day dedicated to field going river Rangers put on by other people who walk the shores and float the patrol boats."
"Free and open exchange of questions, ideas, concepts and general banter between people in the same profession seeking to do the best they can."
"Seeing the number of folks on the screen, representing so many field offices and rivers in a pretty wide geography!"
"I think the best session was the effective communication and authority of the resource. I would love to have a recording of that and have it be part of the annual training for our seasonals, and for me too!"
"I will use my newfound river relationships in the future."
"We appreciated the opportunity to network with other rangers."

Past River Ranger Rendezvous