Covid-19 River Opening Guidance

Social Distancing, COVID-19 Sanitizing and Other Safety Guidance, Tips, and Checklists  

(Archived: COVID-19 River Closures posted April / May 2020)

Leave No Trace COVID-19 Research

River Management During the COVID Pandemic - Report of today's river management practices asked on a survey fielded May 2020. Respondents represent federal, state, county, city, and non-governmental entities in 24 states across the country. 

  • We are happy to say most areas in the US are doing well with getting folks vaccinated!
  • Each state is proceeding independently with many restrictions being reduced or even eliminated: life is moving ‘back towar normal’.
  • Even with the good news that vaccinates are working, we are continuing to offer strict policies posted last summer to remind us of where we have been and the good safety measures and ideas that have allowed river recreation to thrive during this crazy time.

Protocol, checklists

Sanitation Tip

Practical, Available and Less Damaging than Bleach - Hypochlorous Acid is made from non-high demand ingredients, such as vinegar, it is also much less damaging to materials than bleach. The shelf life is about two weeks once you make a batch.

Common Communication Practice

(Thanks go to Jeff Novak, Klamath National Forest) We’re posting updates to the (Klamath National Forest) website and at the Ranger Station (in Happy Camp) near the most used river accesses and providing it virtually through front-desk visitor services staff. The (Forest’s) Recreation page has a recreation conditions report where open and closed developed rec sites are listed.


Boating - General or Motorized/Human Power 
Motorized Boating-Oriented 
Angling, General Outdoor Activity