Rivers of the Pacific Slope
Tuolumne River Trip

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Friday, April 19, 2019
5:00 -7:00 pm — Check in
7:00 pm — Dinner
8:00 pm — Seminar 1
8:30 pm — Seminar 2

Saturday, April 20,2019

6:45-8:00 am — Breakfast at Camp Tuolumne Trails
9:00 am — Personal gear packed and on board shuttle vehicles Seminar 3
9:30 am --- Seminar 4
10:00 am--- Seminar 5
10:30 am ---Seminar 6
11:00 am ---leave Tuolumne Trails

  • Shuttle, load gear rafts, rafting orientation/instruction
  • Continuous Class IV boulder slalom of Rock Garden Rapid will begin our first day. The first 6 miles drop at about 60 feet/mile in pool-drop fashion.
  • Riverside lunch, river topic discussion
  • Class 4 to 4+ including Clavey Falls, the biggest rapid on the trip, is at mile 5.5. The option to walk around this rapid is available.
  • Set-up camp at Indian Creek, after floating about 9 miles
  • River seminar discussions - We’ll host early evening river topic discussions
  • Appetizers, dinner, campfire, dessert, further discussions and revelry!
  • Fall asleep under the stars or in a tent

Sunday, April 21, 2019
7:00 am — Coffee, pack bags, enjoy multi-option breakfast and additional river-topic discussions.

  • Break camp, load gear rafts 
  • Boating 8 miles features Class III-IV rapids. 
  • Riverside lunch includes a river topic discussion
  • Gradient after the lunchstop softens to 40 feet/mile. Take out 
  • Take-out and a discussion takes place at the Ward’s Ferry Bridge
  • Load boats and gear on shuttle vehicles

3:00 pm — Arrive at Wards Ferry Bridge. Last seminar discussion
5:00 pm — Depart Wards Ferry Bridge
5:45 pm — Arrive at Camp Tuolumne Trails

Bon voyage, back to the unreal world!

Additional Information
Navigation of complex, demanding rapids with stops at points of interest for discussions of river topics.

What to bring - prepare for a cool weather trip!

  • Passengers with sun sensitivity may wish to wear quick-dry long pants and long-sleeved shirts.
  • Wool, silk or synthetic layer under wetsuit
  • Tennis shoes or wetsuit booties
  • Wool hat, ball cap or visored cap that will stay on
  • For warmth, layering wool or synthetic performance garments under a wetsuit and splash jacket is best. Avoid wearing sweats or cotton clothes of any kind on the rafts – they never dry out and keep you cold.
  • Shorts and/or swimsuit
  • T-shirt or long sleeve shirt
  • Polyester underwear
  • Wool or neoprene socks
  • Extra tennis shoes or sandals
  • Wetsuit and splash jacket (rentals available on site)
  • Sweater or fleece
Camping Gear
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping pad
  • Tent and ground cloth
  • Small towel & toiletries
  • Flashlight and batteries (packed separately to prevent devices from turning on when inside your bag)
  • Headlamps are great for overnight trips!
  • Extra plastic zip-lock bags to store odds & ends
  • Personal water bottle (to refill on the trip)
  • Sun block, lip balm, medications (packd in a plastic Zip-Loc© bag)
  • Camera (waterproof models strongly advised)
  • Rain jacket and pants
  • Fishing license and gear (hard shell case)
  • Bike gloves to protect hands while paddling
  • Small (waterproof) day pack or fanny pack
  • Reading material, journal and pens

NOTE: Preparing by stuffing duffle bags and stuff sacks with gear you plan to bring before arriving makes packing items on site easier. It also helps you fi items when you need them in camp. Your
overnight gear will be loaded and tied into the rafts at put in, so hold onto things you may want to access during the day (sunscreen, etc.). A separate “day bag” will be provided on each raft for those items.

Drive Times to Groveland, California 

Sacramento: 140 miles, 2.5-3.5 hours 
SF Bay Area 150 miles 3-4 hours 
Los Angeles 350 miles 7-8 hours
S. Lake Tahoe: 150 miles 3.5-4 hours (no snow)
Reno:  250 miles 5-5.5 hours (no snow)

Register here.

Choose from registration options that each represent amazing values, thanks to the generosity of our colleagues at ARTA and friends. The option differ only in your lodging Friday night. You can stay at nearby Tuolumne Trails, where cozy cabins overlook the river, and you can also try out your camping gear early by sleeping on the floor at the boatshop.

Friday Night 
Package 1 - Tuolumne Trails

RMS members - $129 
Non-members – $149

Package 2 -
No lodging included (contact us for camping options nearby)
RMS members - $65
Non-members – $85

Included with Packages 1, 2:

  • Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast at Tuolumne Trails
  • Saturday and Sunday river meals

Included with Package 3:

  • Friday dinner and cabin, Saturday breakfast at Tuolumne Trails

Included with Package 4:

  • Friday dinner and seminar 

River Shuttle, Camping Package – Provided, courtesy of ARTA 
Tent, ground cloth, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad - available to those camping Friday night 

Wetsuits/paddle jackets can be rented on site - $10

Register by March 31, 2019. Refunds minus $35 are available through April 8. After April 8, refunds will not be available

Contact Bob Stanley – [email protected] with program or logistics questions and Risa Shimoda – [email protected] with questions about your registration.