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Wild and Scenic Rivers Training - 2014 PSW
Training Objectives
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PSW Region Wild and Scenic Rivers Management and Section 7 Workshop
12:00 pm October 28 to 12:00 pm, October 30, 2014



Mollie Chaudet and Jackie Diedrich

Training Objectives

The goal of this 16-hour course is to increase participants’ understanding of the protection requirements associated with managing a designated wild and scenic river (WSR) and evaluating water resources projects under Section 7(a) of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act (Act). Specifically, the course will increase participants’ knowledge in:

  • The provisions of the Act that guide management
  • Contents of a comprehensive river management plan (CRMP)
  • Application of the protect and enhance mandate of Section 10(a) 
  • Process for evaluating a water resources project under Section 7(a)

Who would benefit from participating in this training?

  • Agency staff and leadership with responsibility to manage a WSR.
  • Other key resource staff whose programs contribute to monitoring and protection of values (e.g., fisheries, hydrology, archaeology), or who propose or implement projects within WSR corridors.
  • Environmental analysis team leaders, members and writer-editors responsible for preparation of a CRMP and/or WSR-related resource activities.


  • There is no charge for this training.
  • The workshop is open to staff of federal agencies and the State of California.
  • For additional information, please contact Christina Boston, USFS PSW Region Wilderness and WSRs Program Leader ([email protected] or 707-562-8837).