Nov. 4: Toward Better Bank Protection Workshop (For Wild and Scenic and Other Rivers)

River Bank

The ‘Toward Better Bank Protection’ workshop will introduce participants to alternative streambank stabilization methods that are cheaper, easier-to-permit, more effective, and more durable than traditional solutions. Attendees will gain insight into why alternatives that complement natural river processes better protect private property and man-made infrastructure while also benefitting river values such as aquatic habitat and water quality. This course is provided at no cost for RMS members, and is $25 for non-members.

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Contact Angie Fuhrmann, RTC Coordinator, at [email protected] for more information!


Upon the successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify situations that most require response and those that don’t
  2. Understand the method or combination that is most appropriate for the situation
  3. Understand why projects that incorporate bioengineering and related approaches often outperform conventional designs
  4. Understand how alternative methods can protect property, increase infrastructure resiliency, minimize maintenance and repair, reduce cost, simplify permitting, improve aquatic habitat, and enhance river values.

This understanding will enable participants to encourage the implementation of bioengineering and related practices for bank protection projects on wild and scenic rivers. In addition, participants will increase their awareness of resources that support inclusion of bioengineering practices in the design and construction of bank protection projects. An expected outcome is an increase in the delivery of bank protection solutions


  • Jim MacCartney, National Park Service
  • John Field, Field Geology Services
  • Dave Cernicek, US Forest Service
  • Derek Schook, National Park Service
  • Susan Kanzler, Washington DOT
  • Jenni Dykstra, Washington DOT

Toward Better Bank Protection Workshop Flyer by Risa Shimoda