We want to feature YOU! Create a selfie video to tell your story as a current—or future—river professional.

RMS members, river-colleagues and friends...

You can really easily post your videos, stories, and photos on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtags #WildandScenicRivers and #TheRiverIsMyOffice so that we can call them out and celebrate with you!

But you can also share a Selfie Video for this campaign. Here's how!

1. Get Familiar With Our Interview Questions

For this video, please use our interview questions to guide you through your video! Just download and print this file.

2. Use Our Footage Cheat Sheet

Download and use this cheat sheet as a guide for what is needed. This includes guiding information on duration, needs, and more.

3. Upload Your Footage!

1. Request access to our shared video folder by emailing us and letting us know you want to participate with a Selfie Video! 
2. Once you've been given access, click NEW > FOLDER > and name it your full name
3. Upload you Interview video file(s) and rename to "YOUR NAME - INTERVIEW - 1" (2, 3, as needed).
4. Now upload your Sound file(s) and rename to "YOUR NAME - SOUND - 1" (2, 3, as needed).
5. Now upload your B-Roll file(s) and rename to "YOUR NAME - BROLL- 1" (2, 3, as needed).

6. Once they’ve been uploaded into your own folder, please email us a notification that includes your name, job title, and how long you've been doing this awesome work!

Need a walk-through? Check out this tutorial: