Mountain Creeks to Metro Canals

River Management Symposium
May 12-15, 2020

presented by 
The River Management Society.  in partnership with
Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation and Virginia Commonwealth University 

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Virginia's Scenic Rivers Program

RMS welcomes you as a river manager, scientist, planner, legal expert or river conservation and recreation advocate!  Brush up skills as you grow your network of outdoor resource students and professionals.  Richmond, Virginia (RVA) is our host city, on and around the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University and blossoming amidst the excitement of a resurgent James River.  Providing power for iron works and a thoroughfare for commerce; suffering decades of untold levels of misuse as the regions dumping vessel; the James is redefining the City as its environmental,economic and cultural centerpiece.  You will delight in the discovery of RVA's vibrant businesses, innovative programs and exciting events held against a backdrop of our nation's founding history and the river.

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